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Continuing the family history research of Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor (1881*1954)

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 The first goal of this site is to continue the collection of SAYLOR Family data begun by Dr. E. C. Saylor.

He collected information using a form like the one displayed below.

2 Dr. Saylor
(Updated 07 MAy 2013)
The second goal is to identify the data compiled by Dr. Saylor.
Early History & New Treasure Hunt
(Updated 08 MAR 2012)
The Saylor Family
(Updated 19 JAN 2007)
The Folk Family
(Added 19 FEB 2007)
His data collection was NOT limited to the Saylor family.

3 Progress
 The third goal is to keep you informed of the progress we are making.

Update March 2013
Descendants of Saylor Hill

is now available.

The book has generated local interest

DNA Wanted!

Two Jacobs

What's New?
We Are Marshall

Dr. Saylor called these "blanks"

A page from the 22055 collection


Stew working on the database

My name is Stewart R. Saylor and I am a third cousin twice removed Ezra Clayton Saylor, Dr. E. C. Saylor.

During 1994, I discovered his collection of completed "blanks", hundreds, like the one above, at the Berlin Area Historical Society in Berlin, PA. Since Dr. E. C. Saylor's death in 1954 many others have continued his work. Using every source I can find, I compiled a Family Tree Maker database with over 28,200 family members - an impossible task without the foundation provided by Dr. Saylor.

With your help, I intend to use this site to continue the data collection started by Dr. Saylor.

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